ITIS Urbino has organized visits to Hi-Tech enterprises and prepared a convention calling well known personalities with STEM careers.

SOS is a project that make students try hands-on experiences about STEM in ITIS laboratories. The project was not only oriented to E4F classes and it was very demanding to organize because between Jan and Feb it involved 31 classes (8 level students), 2 classes of ITIS students (as Tutors) and around 70 teachers (ITIS + other schools). In this period we had our school visited from more than 600 8-level students trying to understand sciences better.

In the same period, more than 300 students participate to the initiative “student for 1 day”: they were involved in lab activities for the whole day pretendig to be ITIS student.

For the 5 classes involved in E4F we prepared also an extra activity about science and technologies  around production and uses of energy; the activity has been structured as a science show with many funny experiments. (we realized it between Dec and Mar)

Those educationals was greatly appreciated and students wrote different articles in local papers and blogs.

Other school that heard about E4F project asked to be involved; as it was impossible to make them participate at the same level we promoted another experience, “Maestri di Coding” (Code masters) that makes our 11 level students became teachers of coding towards pupils of a primary school nearby ours. The project started at the end of Feb and finished in May, with 2 hours meeting every 2 weeks.

One of our strengths is our robotic team, a group of teachers and students working in development of new and useful models of robots; this was shown at the “Rome Cup” an international event about robotics; 6 of our students participate the 15-16 of March and shown and explained to 7-8 level students how exciting could be working on these themes.

Another team of 11-13 level students participate between February and April to the Mechanic contest organized from “Gambini Engeneering” an important enterprise in Pesaro; they were invited to find a name and a communication strategy for a robot to be presented at the “Hannover Messe” an international industrial show at the end of April; our school won the first prize.

On March 14th, we commemorate the pi day, an international celebration of the mathematic constant, that involved more than 100 students and teachers in a long human chain with the first 100 digit of the number.

In the same period we started to record short interviews to women interested / working in STEMS; our students or ex students and successful women in STEM careers are interviewed to produce short videos (2-3 minutes) to be edited in a 15 minutes long movie.


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