On the 7th June 2018, it was handled the Multiplier Event of the Engine4F Erasmus+ Project at Escola Profissional de Aveiro, Portugal, this way ending the 3 years of work towards the increasing of the exposure to technical areas and engineering professions and promoting the learning of STEM related subjects.

This way, the Multiplier Event was the culmination of an intensive and commited work of all the entities involved in the project, having each partner presented the strategies and activities developed among the students, teachers and enterprises in each of the partners’ country. These and other activities can be reached at the project website and, more specifically, on the Virtual Learning Environment created during the project (http://engine4f.aeva.eu/ and http://www.pragmaeng.it/engine4f/).  It was also presented the impact study of the project which has shown that, by meeting ‘women’ engineers, visiting several companies and developping different projects (like participating in labs and workshops), the students could have a clearer and more accurate idea about this professional area. In fact, many students even considered to proceed their studies in this area.

Along with this session, with about 100 participants (including a representative of the Erasmus+ National Agency), several workshops were undertaken with students from different schools. These students, facing a real challenge, had to think about and propose possible solutions using contents and concepts related to  STEM subjects. At the end, the best project was awarded with a pair of 3D Microsoft glasses. Besides this prize, others were given to the students who had developed other projects during the several workshops that were undertaken along the 3 years of the project.


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ITISUrbino Contribution Portugal


Final Video