On March 2017 the national “Engine4F” school projects competition on the use of STEM sciences was concluded with the final presentation of the work of each team.

In total, four public schools participated in the initiative that produced nine projects of high quality, creativityand originality and exploitation degree of technological and mechanical knowledge.

In particular the produced projects were the following:

  1. Studying of a robotic vehicle’s movement characteristics via video-analysis
  2. Using a robot for the measuring of “acceleration of gravity”
  3. Construction of a hydroelectric power plant
  4. Construction of an aerodynamics testing tube
  5. Creation of a device for the mechanical separation of objects
  6. Construction of a wind turbine
  7. Construction of a bridge miniature with photovoltaic cells
  8. Construction of a photovoltaic cells powered robot
  9. Construction of the “London’s Tower Bridge” miniature

ENGINEER4F_School Competition